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Art & the Autist is a coaching program for autistic people. It was created by and is delivered by an autistic writer, actor, improviser, and filmmaker. Through this creativity coaching, autistic students will reconnect with their artistic and creative selves, and discover the tools needed to maintain a lifetime of creativity.

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What is Creativity Coaching?

The job of any coach is to help you achieve your goals in a particular area, whether it's fitness coaches, soccer coaches, business coaches, or creativity coaches. I will help you build create realistic goals and reliable strategies for achieving those goals, through:

  • Insight and feedback on the creative process
  • Exercises designed to promote creativity
  • How to carve out your creative space
  • Direct motivation and encouragement
  • Strategies for resilience when things are tough

My approach for autists

I am autistic.

I developed these strategies for myself over the years while becoming a writer, actor, improviser, and filmmaker. Often, I taught myself or adapted programs designed for neurotypicals to meet what I needed as an autist.

Since each autistic person has their own unique blend of autistic traits, we will be working together to find the right combination of exercises, approaches, and strategies to meet your specific needs.

A Disclaimer

I am not a counselor or occupational therapist. I do not have the experience or training to assist individuals who cannot self-advocate, or who co-present with other challenges that require specialised interventions. 

About Abby

Abigail Head is an actor, writer, storyteller, filmmaker, teacher, and coach based in the Charlotte area since 1998. 

Abby founded the Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte (CATCh) with fellow creativity coach Kevin Shimko in 2016, where she teaches improvisational theater to beginners and advanced students. She has been an active member of several improv teams (including 6 Cats in a BedSoggy Naan, and Descripted, as well as performing Strangers on a _____, a 2-person improv show with Kevin). 

Abby also serves on the Board of Directors for the Little Theater of Gastonia and was named to the Charlotte Ledger's inaugural 40 Over 40 list in 2020.

Get Started

I work on a monthly subscription, pay-what-you-can model.

All clients get the same level of care and interaction, including regular video calls, unlimited messaging, and access to group events. 

To get started:

  1. Choose a monthly subscription that works with your budget.

    If budget is not your primary concern, please consider $400+ per month, which is a typical rate for professional coaching. The more clients I can retain at this level & above help me to keep my pay-what-you-can model, which in turns means access to creativity coaching for more people who otherwise couldn't afford it. 

    For everyone else, use your best judgement.

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